Buggy and quad tours to the most beautiful places in Mallorca.

Experience a buggy or quad excursion in the north of Mallorca!

Are you eager to explore the island of Mallorca in a special way? Then our guided buggy or quad excursion is the best alternative to the overcrowded bus tours of mass tourism. Here, you can experience the beautiful landscape of Mallorca up close.

We offer our tours all year round from Can Picafort. In the low season: November – March, please book by phone.

Enjoy the most beautiful day of your vacation!

Your very pecial Mallorca excursion

Explore the most beautiful places in Mallorca with our buggies or quads from Can Picafort. Lonely beaches, abandoned monasteries, mountain serpentine roads, old castles, and steep cliffs. We mainly drive on side roads and paved forest tracks, but no off-road, out of respect for nature.

Whether you are young or young at heart, whether it’s your first time in Mallorca or you are a regular guest, you will always have a lot of fun on our excursions.

During our buggy and quad tours, we take enough breaks to capture the scenery in photos, or to wash down the road dust with a cool drink. Safety is our top priority, so our vehicles are maintained daily and only drive on paved roads.

For this reason, you do not need dust masks or helmets on the buggy tours. You just need to have a valid Class B driver’s license.

For our quad tours, we provide ventilated rental helmets that are cleaned and disinfected after each tour. On 5 different tours, starting from Can Picafort, we show you sights such as Ermita de Betlem, Castle San Salvador in Arta, the steep coast of Formentor, and many others.

The buggy tours are approximately 100-115km long and last about 4-5 hours. Our quad tours are 60-70km long and last 2.5-3 hours.

Our vehicles

From the nostalgic 2-seater buggy to modern quads to the high-end buggy for 4 people, you will find a wide range of tour vehicles here.

Manual shifting 

Our 2 seater Goka Ness are unique at Buggy4Fun. Experience pure driving pleasure with these “pure” buggies.

Segway Villain SX10

Segway Villain SX 10
Powerful, pure motorsport-inspired technology.
(Available for an additional charge).

Manual shiftnig

Quadix Vintage, a replica of the legendary beach buggy. A third person can be accommodated in the back seat.


Polaris’ battleship, equipped with high-end technology, the RZR 1000. Powerful with room for 4 people.

CF Moto Zfoce 800 EX

The small, powerful Buggy from CF Moto is suitable for both beginners and advanced users.

Quad MXU 300 Kymco

State-of-the-art technology mixed with elegant design. With this vehicle, your excursion will be a unique experience.

Our quad and buggy tours

Explore the most beautiful places on the island with a buggy or a quad on our guided tours with professional tour guides.

Buggy Tour 1

Start in Can Picafort towards La Victoria and Formentor Duration approx. 4-5 hours

Buggy Tour 2

Start in Can Picafort towards Arta and Colonia de Sant Pere. Duration approx. 4-5 hours

Buggy Tour 3

Start in Can Picafort via Trunmuntana mountains to monestery St. Magdalena.
Duration approx. 4-5 hours

Quad Tour 1

Start in Can Picafort towards Alcanada and La Victoria. Duration Approx. 2.5-3 hours

About Us

Since 2013 in
Can Picafort

Buggy4Fun has been based in can Picafort for over a decade now. With a strong team of tour guides, mechanics and administrative staff, we show you the real Mallorca in its most beautiful facets. Here, however, not only the driving pleasure and the beautiful views are in the foreground. We attach great importance to both nature conservation and vehicle safety, which is why we do not offer any off-road tours. Our vehicles are maintained daily and checked for safety.

Safely to the destination

Your safety is our top priority. That’s why we didn’t organize races. But don’t worry, we’re not going on a coffee trip either. 🙂 A healthy mix of driving fun and sights is our motto.


Our vehicles are serviced daily by an experienced team of mechanics. It’s going to be better that way.


Our tours are planned in such a way that you enjoy the greatest possible safety on the way. Of course you have to follow the road traffic regulations.


We have all the necessary insurance and licenses to carry out guided tours on the Balearic Islands.


At the beginning of the tour we give you some information about driving in Spain and what we have to pay attention to when driving in a convoy.

Our Services

Touring event is our passion. Here is an excerpt from our service package.

roadworthy vehicles

The key factor is our vehicles. They are properly insured, reliably maintained and, of course, certified with the European standard ITV

trained guides

Our guides have been trained in dealing with guests and are multilingual. First aid equipment is also part of your equipment. So don’t worry if a bee stings, we’re here!


Our guides are on the road in Jeep Wranglers, should something happen with the buggy that cannot be repaired on site, you can easily change and do not have to wait on the side of the road.


If, contrary to expectations, a buggy goes on strike, in 99% of all cases our backup team can bring you a replacement vehicle to the next stop.

Our Prices

Here you will find our prices for quad and buggy tours

2-Seater Buggy manual 
  • Price per person with double occupancy
  • Plus €20.00 per driver insurance
  • Drinks and petrol incl.
  • Total price for 2 people,
    1 driver € 178.-
  • Drivers min age 19, 1 year drivers lizence


2-Seater Buggy CF Moto automatic
  • Price per person with double occupancy
  • Plus €40.00 per driver insurance
  • Drinks and petrol incl.
  • Total price for 2 people,
    1 driver € 198.-
  • Drivers min age 19, 1 year drivers lizence


3-Seater Buggy Manual
  • Price per person with triple occupancy
  • Plus €40.00 per driver insurance
  • Drinks and petrol incl.
  • Total price for 3 people,
    1 driver € 277.-
  • Drivers min age 25, 3 years drivers lizence


4-Seater Buggy Automatic
  • Price per person based on four people
  • Plus €40.00 per driver insurance
  • Drinks and petrol incl.
  • Total price for 3 people,
    1 driver € 356.-
  • Drivers min age 25, 3 years drivers lizence


2-Seater Automatic segway Buggy
  • Price per person with double occupancy
  • Plus €51.00 per driver insurance
  • Drinks and petrol incl.
  • Total price for 2 people,
    1 driver € 249.-
  • Drivers min age 25, 3 years drivers lizence


Quad – 1 Person
  • Price for single occupancy
  • Plus €20.00 per driver insurance
  • Fully comprehensive with € 500 deductible
  • Drinks and petrol incl.
  • Total price for 1 people,
    1 driver € 99.-
  • Drivers min age 19, 1 year drivers lizence


Quad – 2 Persons
  • Price based on double occupancy
  • Plus €20.00 per driver insurance
  • Fully comprehensive with € 500 deductible
  • Drinks and petrol incl.
  • Total price for 2 people, 1 driver € 145.-
  • Drivers min age 19, 1 year drivers lizence

/2 Persons


Here you can see a small excerpt from our tours. Enjoy browsing.

Customer testimonials

We can tell a lot here – let’s let customers speak

We drove Tour 2 with Buggy4fun on June 21st. It was really fun. If you like driving, you have to take part in a buggy tour. Already did Tour 1, 2 years ago. A MUST for us next vacation.


Buggy Tour2

What a hammer day. On August 14th we (two families, four adults and two teens) were allowed to experience Tour 1 with you. We had a 2-seater buggy and a 4-seater buggy. Many thanks to our tour guide who gave us an unforgettable experience. We will definitely go on a tour with you again next year!


Buggy Tour 1

Highly recommended! I had booked the quad tour today and it was a unique experience. The route, the prospects and the team are great!! Great value for money. Thanks for the great event!


Quad Tour

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How to find us

You can find Buggy 4 Fun Can Picafort / Mallorca everywhere near you. Whether you are from Playa de Muro or Porto Alcudia, from Son Baulo or Son Serra de Marina, it’s only 5-10 km. From Cala Ratjada and Cala Equda or Arta and Pollenca, it’s also only 10-20 km. We offer pickups up to Cala Sant Vicenc and Colonia de Sant Pere. From Palma de Mallorca, it’s about 50 km. So you can enjoy your buggy or quad excursion from almost anywhere on Mallorca.


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Frequently asked Questions

How far in advance should I book / make a reservation?

Of course that is up to you.

But you should consider, that in the main season we might be booked out for up to 5 days in advance. If you would like a certain date or tour, you should make a reservation in advance 😉 Then you will be able to participate for sure.

What requirements are necessary to participate at a Buggy Tour and can I also participate as just a passenger?

Everyone, no matter if young or old can participate at our tours.

It is necessary to have a valid drivers license Class B.

Age requirement to drive is 19. (25 for the 4-seater)

1 year of driving experience (probation time not included).

Passengers in the buggy must be at least 4 years old. Child seats are available. The minimum age for quad tours is 12 years.

Can kids or people with limitations participate at a tour?

Kids should be 4 years old or older. We do have seats in our store.
People with limitations can either participate as a passenger with the tourguide or as a passenger with the person in charge of them.

People in wheelchairs have the opportunity to take their wheelchair along (we do have roofracks and fasteners available).

What do I have to bring along at a tour?

Very important is your drivers license and good shoes (no flip-flops),
sunglasses and maybe (depending on the season) a scarf or something else for your neck.
Please put on some sun screen about an hour before.
Original drivers license.
If it is very hot a small towel for the seat (it is black leather).
Please have some cash for the insurance and our coffee stop.

What if the weather is not cooperating?

If it should rain on the day of your tour, we might have to reschedule. If this should not be possible, we will of course refund the already paid money back to you.

Can I also pay with credit or debit card on location?

Yes of curse, but not Amex and Dinners Club

What happens if I forgot my drivers license?

Unfortunately we would have to cancel the participation of the tour if you forgot your license.

If you booked the tour in advance, we can’t refund you the money. The Buggy was reserved for this tour and can’t be offered to someone else.

Can I also take it for a ride alone?

It is only possible to rent the buggys for our guided tours. For the tours you can have your own buggy or share it with your passenger. The tours are always calculated for 2 passengers so that double the amount would have to be paid when riding alone.

We are 3 people. Do we have to rent 2 Buggys?

Not necessarily. If you all want to ride in one buggy, we have 3 and 4-seater buggies to choose from. Otherwise, there is the option for one person to ride with the tour guide. If you wish, you can switch the driver or passenger during the stops. However, each driver needs to have insurance.

I don’t have a drivers license!

You need a original full license. We cannot accept copies.

Our tourguide can take you along as a passenger.